about counselling

about counselling

Counselling provides a safe, calm, confidential space where you can begin to explore what’s going on for you. 

I will sit with you, wherever you are, however hard or dark it feels, and we will begin the journey together. It will be gentle and at your pace – I am always led by you, and what you need.  I will see you and hear you as an individual – I look beyond labels – and together we will help you discover the strength and the answers that you already hold inside you.

Counselling is not something that I do ‘to you’ – we work together, always.   Sessions are held in a beautiful, calm, private summerhouse in my garden.  Counselling can be as short or long-term as you need it to be. I will be led by you and what you feel you need.

Client reviews

"I'd thought about private counselling on and off for years but was uncertain about what it could really do for me. From worrying that my difficulties were just 'who I am' to thinking that I'd chewed over every problem myself already. And being fearful of feeling even worse.

"But with Jenny I've found a wonderful space in which to be, explore and express myself with greater meaning. From her I receive compassionate acceptance and insight, which in turn I'm building within myself. Thanks to her perceptiveness, support and honesty I feel understood and empowered - and much more hopeful about my future."

"I'm so grateful to Jenny for her invaluable professional expertise and human kindness. Thank you."

"I found Jenny when I was really struggling with things going on in my life. I thought it was due to a bereavement but I soon discovered it was deeper. Jenny has been so patient and lovely with me and helped me to realise things about myself I never knew. She has made me feel important again and like I matter to all those I love and that some of the things I feel is ok and 'normal' and that I'm not alone.   

"I felt like I was in a very dark tunnel and Jenny is helping me to see there is light at the end of it.   I look forward to our sessions and enjoy the little tasks she gives me. Slowly I am getting there and feel like the old me is coming back and that is all thanks to Jenny!"

"When I first met Jenny I was a fractured person who couldn't admit feelings and was made to think there was something wrong with me.   Jenny and I have worked hard to change all the misconceptions that have plagued me through my entire life, she made me feel welcomed and safe inside her environment. I give her the upmost thanks for changing my life."